Rishi Sigurd Vlote

Rishi is an awesome percussionist.  Highly talented.  My complete pleasure to work with such an awesome musician.  Over 35 years of experience.  He specializes in meditation, trance dance and so much more.  Please visit him on Dan's page for much more info.

Lost In The Forest

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Twitter F5ed itself!

I was cleaning up old tweets and some how, it decided to delete everything I ever posted.  So, it looks like 2015 will start with a fresh slate literally.

It's not a bad thing and let me tell you why.  It's been a year since I launched myself into production and shared my work with others.  Most of the work I was creating before (such as vines) were shared on Twitter and after a while, that is what people expected from me and requested from me.  Vine, was just a test.  Loop tests, video tests, audience test.  Who is watching and what do they like and why?  Vine gave me confidence, and taught me so much about production and people in general.

Not that I'm not going to be vining anymore, it's just that the vines will become snippets of YouTube videos.  At least that's the plan as of right now.  There's a specific direction I would like to take.  So, here's my chance to change it up.  Again.

Enjoy the show.