Defining yourself as an artist

What makes you YOU?
What do artists base themselves on?

Well, I learned something new today. You can spend years trying to figure this out. For the most part, music is based on feelings and human emotions. There's nothing wrong with doing anything and everything because we feel anything and everything at some point in our lives but, you can't be a country star and merge over to heavy metal. It just doesn't make sense. Focus on a few simple things:

1. Accepting your capabilities
2. Concentrating on a particular feeling or small range of emotions (when people feel a certain way, they want to listen to something they can relate to. And when they feel that way, they think of you. Deal?)
3. Build on the brand of who you are. What does that emotion sell? How does it make people feel when they see your brand or product?

 This is not for everyone. Not everyone wants the same thing nor are they aiming for the same thing. It's up to you to find yourself. As for me, I'm one step closer today than I was yesterday. Getting closer gives a euphoric sense of satisfaction. Just keep going.

 And don't forget to learn sumpin'.


Lisa Amaro Halloween 14 Soundtrack Free Download

Download The Free Halloween Track Here

This is the first full length music video created for the holiday.  Images were taken from inside the house.  Random creepy objects were shown for effect.  The kids thought it was pretty cool trying to guess what it's showing before the items are revealed.

It was a bit difficult for me to get through.  I really feel like I belong inside this sound, but feel like I'm pulled in different directions for the time being.  This is totally ok.  I'm in an exploration phase again, and I gotta go where I'm going to be fed.  Although, this is what makes me happiest, not everyone is happy to feel this way.  But, I'm just happy to feel anything at all.

Extremely grateful for all of you who have become very close friends and those of you who just enjoy listening.  I appreciate each and every one of you with all my heart.