Learning Ableton

I've been busy learning crash courses in Ableton Live.  Not only for my Novation Launchpad but because my audio recorder recently broke and I can't afford to replace it.  So my alternative was to snag and audio interface and finally learn this program.

It looked absolutely intimidating and have still not wet my feet and used it yet because my lesson plans are not over yet so I don't want to start my free trial until I have everything I need and can get started right away.  I already know I'm going to buy Ableton but I just want to hold off the expenses for just a little while longer.  Even with the cost of the interface and the software, it will still come out to about half the cost of replacing the portable recording station I was using.

The more I learn about this software, the more excited I get and let me tell you why.  First off, the looping.  The live looping!  Normally, when producing vines, I record those 6 seconds of audio over and over about 5 times and then have to go in and pick the best version to go into the final track.

Ableton changes that in such an awesome way.  I'll be able to record until I'm happy with the version with this loop recording feature.  So I'm expecting to save some time once I really get the hang of how it all works and I put it into daily practice.

Here's another problem Ableton promises to fix.  When I loop my tracks, sometimes I'll get a clicking noise when it loops.  There is a feature that will eliminate that and quite that part of the track that would normally click.  This would save more time as well.  Speed recording is everything right now.  It has to sound good and it needs to be produced as quickly as possible.

Other DAW softwares have not been able to really provide the live play recording this one seems to have accomplished.  At least, not the softwares that I've learned so far.  And I'm really excited to implement the Launchpad S controller once I get it up and running.

And of course, once I figure it all out, I'll be creating more recording tutorial videos.  If you subscribe, you won't miss a thing. :)

Dan Gschwind & Lisa Amaro - Lisas Loop 2 - Tropical Island Mix - "Finall...

I breathed on the mic and @DanGschwind did the rest.  He's the best! <3

Why nobody is buying your music

Let's think about this for a minute.  How much money do you spend on purchasing music?  If you are spending money on music? How mainstream are they and what does that quality sound like in order for you to buy it?  What are the factors?

Not sure about you, but when I want to listen to a song, I go straight to YouTube.  I will find the artists' music video and their music.  I can set up a playlist to play their tracks back to back if I want them to.

There is no subscription fee.  There is no transaction other than the fact that I pressed play and that I probably ran into a few ads along the way.  Well, this is a huge part of the music industry's future.

Does that mean we should all stop making music?  Hell NO!  But you better learn to attach it to something quick.

Take advantage of the audio/visual world and amuse all senses.  This will differentiate you from doing this for a living, or doing it as a hobby.

In our new world, you get an artists music direct when they post as they want it released.  Record companies are going to have to change their game to keep up with the average user's capabilities.

Sound for thought.